Social Media has come a long way in helping in our lives in different ways. Different people from different regions and religions have different ways of using Social media in their respective routines and lives. Main players of Social Media have been Facebook, Orkut, Twitter , LinkedIn, etc but a lot more also which people follow as per their liking and usage.

Few ways what I have noticed Social Media has been used by myself , friends and people in general –

  • Directions to and from any place.
  • Recommendations for movies, plays, music, etc.
  • Travel Deals across the country and sometimes worldwide.

  • Job Openings by reputed companies and requests by Job seekers .
  • Freelance work, again by user ends.
  • Opinions on Fashions and Styles.
  • Apartments and Housing Listings for sale and rental purposes.
  • Buying and Selling any products, extras, etc .
  • Lyrics of songs.
  • Website designing and development.
  • Finding people from a common area for something like Carpool.
  • Advice on Computers, Mobiles, Laptops & all types of Gadgets .
  • News and Breaking News.
  • Birthday, Anniversary and other events Alerts.
  • Meeting new people and making new connections and friends.
  • Exchange Photos and Videos.
  • Travel planning or reviews on a particular places.
  • Any kind of Sports scores and updates.
  • Recipes for new and various dishes.
  • Discount coupons and Sale coupons.
  • Views and Suggestions on Financial Markets.
  • Links and Sites with interesting info and reads.
  • Hostel and Rental roommates.
  • Quiz and Trivia on any subject.

I feel the list can go on and on and these are the few which came to my mind in last 10mins. Please feel free to add more.